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. questions that could finally be answered tomorrow when former cia director david petraeus, brings as much anticipated benghazi testimony. now that he has been removed from the obama administration. we take this up with congressman trey gowdy. former pentagon official, k.t. mcfarland, and best-selling author, ed klein. and former bush adviser, ron christie. moments ago, ranking members of the senate intelligence committee spoke to the press that they had little to offer in regard to the actual testimony given. dianne feinstein, the chair, said committee members were able to watch a film that was a composite, real-time document of the beginning to the end of the terrorist attack. she announced additional hearings that are closed and open hearing will take place in the future. however, she refused to comment on whether that reflected the obama adminiitration's descriptions of the events are at the cia agents in benghazi call for help for separate times. tonight, the cia has launched an exploratory investigation into the conduct of david petraeus. he is scheduled to testify in front of the ho
for military officers. general david petraeus prepares to testify about benghazi in front of congress. connell: the founder of five our energy will answer questions about this report that his product may be linked to 13 deaths. and lead mcgraw on the oil market reaction to attacks in bas and the david petraeus scandal in charlie gasparino on the white house c e o meetings. dagen: so much to get to. after that computer glitch grounded its planes nationwide united airlines saying it is up and running. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. what is normal about the stock reaction? nicole: very normal stock reaction. this is a stock that started with the arrows and traded as low as 1960 interday and coming back and had a high of 2018 and all the rest of the airline stocks i have been checking, delta, up arrows, and continental under pressure today. below the 1960 we are at 1976 and it is not far off of the low, and a nationwide glitch, it is not great news and we are hearing their returning to normal all of this occurring for weeks before thanksgiving, the busiest time, and this is
, neil. david petraeus investigation has now included e-mails from general john allen. the man who took over for david petraeus back in july 2011. allen is said to have engaged in inappropriate communication with the very tampa woman who received threatening e-mails from petraeus' former lover that triggered the fbi investigation. you cannot make it up, can you? john bolton joins us now from houston. what are they doing? i want to ask the obvious. >> that is beyond me. i really cannot understand what is happening. it is interesting that a number of generals are getting thrown under the bus. it is not like it is something serious like community organizers. dagen: in terms of, what is the most critical thing out of this scandal? the fact that the focus is now off of benghazi? we can go through the timeline of who knew what and when in the administration and various forms of government, but is it the fact that our focus has completely shifted away from what happened in libya? >> well, yes, but i think the two are related. the most important fact here that has been resorted to by "wall stre
to talk about this david petraeus story. the former cia director's recognition came just days before he was scheduled to testify on the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. we bring mike baker on. former cia officer. he joins us all the time to talk about issues and everything else. the possible disclosure of classified information came from fox news reporting this morning. that is obviously a big deal. what about the benghazi hearings. >> i think we will still hear from petraeus. the talk, washington loves a good conspiracy. i think the idea that somehow the timing of this, of his resignation and if archer, was to prevent him from testifying on the hill. that is a little bit of nonsense. he will be summoned to the hill and he will testify. in fact, if you are a cia director, you want to be up on the hill. you want to highlight the brave actions. that is the reason why we do not have more casualties or in fact all the people in the consulate were not taken hostage. the actions of a few lately armed reactions of cia personnel. connell: the way this has been handled, that the fbi was in
house running from the david petraeus scandal in the tough questions that follow. many of those questions related to benghazi. jay carney in a move to refer rather than answer the white house press corps. could only offer a series of nonanswers and referrals to questions ranging from a breach of national security to the convenient election day timing of the president being informed of the petraeus scandal. >> i would refer you to the pentagon for the process underway with regard to it. the pentagon and the ig on the one hand and the fbi in regard to general petraeus. >> i refer you to the fbi. as i understand it they have protocols in place for when the notify the legislative and executive branches of investigations. the fbi is the place to go in terms of explanation the protocols they follow. i would refer, that said earlier, to policies in place at the fbi for how they deal with notifications investigations. lou: as you saw and heard, a frustrating day for the white house press corps. the president spokesman however did not shy away from a question on this petraeus would testi
. new at 10. and investigations into general david petraeus's alleged affair continue to get bigger and much more complicated. general john allen, who was in line to become top commander in afghanistan, allegedly had his own improper communications with a woman named gel kejill kelly. why would that be, nicole? >> hi, we're looking at facebook at all of my tourists pass through. and looking at facebook, you remember the ipo in may. a $38 stock and barely holding the $20 line now, and it's to the down side this morning. and now when we're looking into the company, it turns out the shares are so heavily diluted. massively diluted because of the insiders compensation, to common shareholders, and obviously, that's everybody, but employees and executives, and when those expire and they're selling also calls the company and according to the wall street journal take facebook mid 2013 to at least earn enough operating income just to offset the annual stock compensation costs. now what that means, not good news. >> the not good news. down 20 bucks again. thank you. time is money, 30 seconds,
-mails to the whistle lower of the general david petraeus 6 scandal. general allen denies wrongdoing. almost 80 new members of the house of representatives in our nation's capital for the top of freshman orientation. among the newly elected members are several potential members elect whose races of not been called. those are your headlines. back to lori and melissa. melissa: thank you for that. thanks but no thanks is the message delivered so far to a suggestion by erskine bowles he served as chief negotiator between the white house and congressional republicans as talks heat up over the deal with the debt looming and nagging fiscal clip. charlie gasparino. melissa: can't believe he doesn't want that job. melissa: charlie: he wanted but they don't want it. for sources tell the fox business network erskine bowles of simpson-bowles, former senator from north carolina worked in the clinton administration offered himself up as chief negotiator for these talks, a go-between because he gets along pretty well with republicans and is considered a moderate but what we hear from the white house is what you j
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? where was david petraeus for crying out loud? >> you know, what general petraeus would say in congress is going to be very important because there is one major question, a lot of the answers of your not kidding, what was the assessment of the obama administration of the area where there consular was? there's a big difference. if this was an area as secure as iceland or waziristan. time confident that there were cables that said there are ten training centers for militias around that location. so i would like to know if the administration basically perceived the location is dangerous there for what were the measures and therefore when the attack occurred, the knd of response would be appropriate to the type of assessment. that is what we want to know. >> chairman of the house securities committee is very direct saying the documents that we see that the cia had prior to general petraeus coming in, it is impossible to believe he thought he w giving as at the time on his testimony, testimony supporting what became the brought fiction of an inch and a video. congressman king is saying point
for coming on. we appreciate your tim well, a very big shakeup in the intelligence community today. david petraeus is out. he went to the white house yesterday to tell obama he was resigning. the reason is because he had an extramarital affair. late this afternoon we learned that the affair was with his biographer, paula broadwell. this comes just days before congress gets set to have a hearing on the killing of chris stevens in benghazi, libya. no word but that will still be the case. speaker boehner saying that obamacare is the law of the land. ccming up next, what to expect with the floodgates that are coming coming gerri: cold and waiting in line. i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to the post office anymore. [ male announcer ] with stamps.com, you can print real u.s. postage for all your letters and packages. it gives you the exact amount of postage you need the instant you need it. can you print only stamps? no. first class. priority mail. certified. international. and the mailman picks it up. i don't leave the shop anymore. [ male announcer ] get a 4-week trial plus $1
. well, a very big shakeup in the intelligence community today. david petraeus is out. he went to the white house yesterday to tell obama he was resigning. the reason is because he had an extramarital affair. late this afternoon we learned that the affair was with his biographer, paula broadwell. this comes just days before congress gets set to have a hearing on the killing of chris stevens in benghazi, libya. no word but that will still be the case. speaker boehner saying that obamacare is the law of the land. ccming up next, what to expect with the floodgates that are coming gerri: cold gerri: former house speaker nancy pelosi and an analysis of obamacare. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it away from the frog as the controversy. gerri: i never knew what that meant. now we are about to find out what is in the bill. it is a lot now and a lot of you may not like what you see. the popular stuff like keeping students on their parents insurance is already a reality. but paying for the bill for the new entitlement, that was saved for after the election. fi
fox news today. new details emerging now that forced david petraeus to quit. fox news has learned that the fbi is investigating whether the mattress revealed classified information she only had because of her relationship between petraeus. that sensitive information may contradict information he presented on benghazi. a house exploded in indianapolis killing two people this last weekend. a faulty furnace could be the cause. the deafening explosion forcing 200 people from the area. police in boulder, colorado, charged a student wwth five counts of menacing after he wore a joker mask inside a movie theater. moviegoers started to flee. those are your news headlines. back to melissa. melissa: thank you very much. we do have some breaking news. lori: the u.s. judge rejecting deutsche bank's. to -- deutsche bank had been sued over losses of 14.2 million losses. they are still on the hulk or at least being accused of their role related to those steep losses. melissa: merging with conglomerate leucadia. did i say that right? the firm was shopping for a buyer. what does that say about the
services side and want to come together to get to the bottom of the benghazi affair. as mentioned, david petraeus offered today to testify. dianne feinstein confirmed will testify before the senate intel committee later this week. they are still negotiating if it will be off-site and what the ground rules will be. we understand he will not reveal the affair with his biographer, will strictly be about his role in benghazi and what he found on that mission when he went to libya just two weeks ago. that is what is going on at capitol hill. investigation into the petraeus affair with the fbi continues. the dod, inspecto inspector genl investigation into john allen who is now understood had communications that may have been inappropriate. so these two investigations are moving forward. the consequence the top of canister in afghanistan will not be mounted for the rule of supreme commander in europe. for petraeus the question is still whether if he had access to class than making her computers and what and house received that information. cheryl: jennifer griffin out in washington, a lot of br
. breaking story at this hour, david petraeus is leaving his post as director of the central intelligence agency. petraeus sent word of his resignation and a message in agency employees today. says he's stepping down for personal reasons. sources say petraeus's deputy will serve as acting director. he took over as cia director in april of 2011. meanwhile white house press secretary carney said in the last hour that timothy geithner will remain treasury secretary through the inauguration. carney says geithner will be a key part to resolving the fiscal cliff issue. and iraqi officials expect exxonmobile to complete the sale of its shares in the west oil field by year's end. according to iraq's deputy prime minister for energy, exxon officials have started talks with some major oil companies offering them its complete stake in that project. and now we continue our countdown to the closing bell with liz claman. liz: so we got the new data out today that shows you're ready to spend. consumer sentiment hit its highest level since the year 2007. here's the chart. we wanted you to see this what k
wrapped up in one in the name of david petraeus. and a great number of questions about why he has begun what was to be this high-minded elevated effort to reach some sort of resolution on the fiscal cliff and he begins it with sticking out a $1.6 trillion number for the, for raising taxes. and it's, it's a, peculiar way to go about a cooperative, bipartisan, new fashion for a second term. melissa: no. it is like doubling down. this is where we're headed. i'm just going to raise taxes. here is the number. it's a big one. >> as you say it is a doubling down of the number that speaker boehner and he agreed to this past summer, and then he raised by 50% in the waning moments what boehner thought was a deal. he is going to have to do better than that, as a negotiator and as the leader of the country. lori: which makes you understand why it has been eight months since the president's last press conference. i'm quite overwhelmed by all the late-breaking details on all these different stories. is there a common theme, lou? >> among four-star generals they obviously have too much time on their h
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)

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